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Expert ID: 8011 | Business/Finance | Securities Investment

Securities Investment

This expert specializes in structured finance, derivatives, and securitization matters.  His experience includes cash, synthetic and hybrid collateralized debt obligations (CDOs), asset-backed securities (ABS) of various types, structured investment vehicles (SIVs), collateralized loan obligations (CLOs),  mortgage-backed securities (MBS), credit default swaps (CDS), interest rate swaps, credit-linked notes (CLNs), repurchase (“repo”) agreements and securities fraud.

As a transactional attorney he has been an Associate, Special Counsel or Partner at several of the leading transactional law firms in the United States.   As an expert witness and/or consultant, he has worked with many of the leading litigation firms, and leading litigation departments of full-service firms, in the country.



Other areas of expertise:

  • Derivatives
  • Corporate
  • Securities

Location: Westport, CT

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