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Expert ID: 5089 | Business/Finance | Wrongful Termination

Wrongful Termination

This expert is in demand as a litigation economist and expert witness for cases involving personal injury, wrongful death, wrongful termination, employment discrimination, economic loss, business valuations, lost profits, and divorce.  He has consulted and given testimony for numerous attorneys in California as well as in New York, Nevada, Iowa, Montana, British Columbia, New Mexico, Oregon, and Hawaii. He has consulted in over 550 cases and for over 140 law firms. This expert also conducts MCLE classes concerning economic analysis in various litigation matters.


Other areas of expertise:

  • Personal Injury
  • Wrongful Death
  • Medical Malpractice
  • Employment Discrimination
  • Business Valuation
  • Lost Profits
  • Financial Analysis

Location: Sacramento, CA

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