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Expert ID: 33027 | Non Medical Experts | Electrical Engineering

Electrical Engineering

This expert is an engineering management consultant/expert witness; with extensive knowledge of design, construction of major projects, and experience in litigation process, and over thirty years of hands-on work experience. He specializes in electric utility practices, transportation, and infrastructure.  This expert works closely with attorneys by providing claim analysis and litigation support services for cases involving personal injury, arising from utility / transportation operations and construction delays.  He has experience with large projects within the utility industry (Consolidated Edison Co. of New York, New York Power Authority, and Washington Public Power Supply System).  He also experience with design/construction of: nuclear/fossil power plants; high voltage transmission lines; and installation of computer facilities.

Project Management responsibilities for the complete renovation of large-scale multiple dwelling projects; schools; large infrastructure projects (NYC Bridges/Tunnels, the JFK International Airport and capital construction projects involving commuter rail lines in the Metropolitan New York). 

Location: Manhattan Beach, NY

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