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Expert ID: 26013 | Business/Finance | Accounting


This expert is most often engaged or consulted regarding complex business valuation, forensic accounting/ fraud, executive compensation reasonableness, shareholder derivative/ dissident shareholder, civil damages, and small to medium-sized business buy/sell-related issues.

His expert credentials have survived Daubert challenges in multiple venues.

He first testified as an expert witness in 1981, and he has since testified as an expert in multiple U.S. State and Federal courts, and in multiple Canadian Supreme courts. He has also testified in mediations and arbitrations, and acts as a mediator/ neutral in selected matters.

This expert co-developed & co-presented a joint program for Federal courts’ judges at the Thurgood Marshall Federal Judicial Center, in Washington, D.C. Sponsored by the AICPA’s Business Valuation Committee, in collaboration with Federal Judge Laro, it included a full day videotaping for distribution to the U.S. Federal Judiciary and a full day class presentation to 20 Federal Judges from the U.S. Tax, Claims, District & Bankruptcy courts.

Other areas of expertise include:

  • Business valuations/Appraisal
  • Civil Damages
  • Mediation
  • Executive Compensation

Location: Saint Louis, MO

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