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Atrium Experts

A nationwide expert witness group providing plaintiff and defense attorneys with consultation and litigation support in the fields of psychiatry, psychology, neuropsychology, medicine, business/finance, engineering, real estate and many other disciplines.

Our expert witnesses serve in cases involving: personal injury, employment discrimination and harassment, disability, fitness for duty, racial discrimination, sexual abuse, medical malpractice, business litigation, mortgage and real estate disputes, securities, supply chain management and engineering. We routinely work with small, medium sized and national law firms, municipalities, school districts, state Attorney General’s offices, branches of the U.S. Armed Forces, and other federal institutions, including the EEOC. Atrium is an approved federal contractor.

We save attorneys time and money, frequently providing our clients with the right expert witness within one hour of initial contact. If we don’t have the expert witness you require, our network of specialists enables us to secure a good candidate typically within a day or two-often within hours. We regularly monitor our expert witnesses’ progress, yielding work that is completed on time and within budget. Attorneys benefit from free initial case consultations, as well as estimates for discrete tasks and the case as a whole.

Articles From Our Experts

Interventions for Survivors of Mass Trauma

Natural and human-made disasters entail the threat of physical injury. Injured trauma survivors initially receive care in the acute care medical setting. For example, the Centers for Disease Control report that within 48 h after the September 11, 2001 attack on the World Trade Center…

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PTSD and Functional Impairment

Variations in rates of PTSD development have been reported ranging from less than 5% in European survivors of unintentional injuries (eg, motor vehicle crashes, job-related injuries)…

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8 Ways to Improve School Entrance Security

Many school and university buildings in the United States have been constructed to achieve an inviting and open campus style, with multiple buildings, multiple entrances and exits, big windows and many opportunities for privacy.

Unfortunately, these design configurations are not conducive to security and lockdown. To address these protection challenges and deter broken windows, burglary and vandalism, school architecture went through a period of fortressing that resulted in schools with almost no windows and produced fortress-like enclaves.

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Selecting a Handwriting Expert

If you are called upon to handle a case that involves a handwriting forgery, you may wish to retain a handwriting expert. A forensic handwriting expert compares signatures and handwriting, handprinting, or other graphic expressions such as graffiti or doodles to determine authorship and/or authenticity. The more general term “document examiner” applies to a wider field that includes ink and paper analysis, typewriting, and other types of document fraud. It may or may not include handwriting authentication.

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FORENSIC MEDICINE: Filling Out the Form

Filling-out forms is a necessary part of the practice of medicine, and failure to perform this seemingly secretarial task may lead to dire consequences. I was retained as an emergency medicine consultant in a case involving a Type-1 diabetic who preferred to keep himself in “tight control” resulting in his blood sugar rarely going very high but also resulting in his suffering recurrent episodes of hypoglycemia associated with lapses of consciousness. In California, when a patient presents to an Emergency Department (ED) after having suffered a lapse of consciousness, that event must be reported to the County Health Department via a form. That information will then be forwarded to the DMV by the Heath Department.

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How Did Your Wife Get Lou Gehrig’s Pants?

I received a call from a woman who said “My Mother has a pair of Lou Gehrig’s New York Yankee uniform pants and we want to know how much they’re worth.” I, kiddingly, responded “And how did your mother (who was not Mrs. Gehrig) happen to get a pair of Lou Gehrig’s pants?”

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PARATRANSIT: A Wheelchair Passenger Slips Out of Their Chair During Transport – Who’s At Fault? The Answer Might Surprise You.

Injuries involving elderly, disabled, or infirm passengers, suffered while riding in wheelchair accessible vehicles are so common that, any given time, there are 100s of active lawsuits in our country involving this dynamic. A major case hurdle is the fact that rarely do the attorneys (on either side) fully understand the actual responsibilities of the company operating the vehicle, nor does the plaintiff understand what level of service they were to receive.

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DEFAMATION: The Rising Tides of Defamation – Bigger Awards and More Sympathetic Juries

DEFAMATION: The Rising Tides of Defamation – Bigger Awards and More Sympathetic Juries Defamation of character lawsuits have changed significantly since I started writing about them in 2003 – from back-page news with jury awards topping at $150,000, to page A1 news in The Washington Post, with an award of $500,000 for emotional distress a...
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PSYCHIATRY: Assessing Civil Competence

Practicing psychiatrists are not often asked to assess their patients’ mental capacity (competence) to perform ordinary contractual tasks, such as selling a house, signing into the hospital, or making decisions about their own medical care, among a host of other functions.

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PSYCHOLOGY: Fitness for Duty Evaluations

Forensic Psychology | by Expert ID: md515, Ph.D. Ultimately, a Fitness for Duty Evaluation (FFDE) should assess whether the individual’s work capacity is at least equal to or greater than the work demands.  Whether an individual is a police officer, pilot, or construction worker, the individual must be capable (work capacity) of performing the...
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NEUROPSYCHOLOGY: Deception; A Prevalent, Adaptive and Profitable Phenomenon

Let’s be honest with ourselves for a moment. Few of us have made it into adulthood without engaging in, or entertaining the notion of malingering or feigning illness. My first conscious recollection of malingering began at age 8. You see, I was obsessed with my babysitter, Kitty who fit the perfect part of a flower girl in the late 1960’s. She began babysitting us at age 16. After a couple years she had taken a job as an office assistant with my family’s medical doctor.

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DENTISTRY: Claims Abuse as it Relates to Dentistry

When it comes to evaluating a case for dental damage, regardless if it is a motor-vehicle accident, slip and fall, or assault, there are 7 broad categories that I assert are important to evaluate: The plaintiffs complaint, The history of the injury, Past medical history…

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PSYCHOLOGY: Does the Abel Assessment of Sexual Interest Meet the Daubert Criteria for Evidence?

The Abel Assessment of Sexual Interest (AASI)is an objective measure of a person’s sexual interest in various potential sexual partners, including males and females, of preschool, grade school, adolescent, and adult ages. The test is widely used in criminal matters, children’s court and family court cases where there have been allegations of inappropriate sexual conduct.

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HANDWRITING: Thou Shalt Not Buy Assumptions

There are a number of basic guidelines for a cross-examiner in handling an opposing expert. Experts who present on such things wax prophetic of the inevitable doom awaiting the wayward lawyer transgressing whatever the expert is expounding at the moment. There is one that is never addressed; maybe it is too camouflaged or too threatening of esoteric revelations. I am inviting you in where the wise seem too fearful to tread.

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PSYCHIATRY: Attorneys – Serving Mentally Ill Clients

Working with a client who suffers from a major mental illness can be challenging and frustrating for the client and yourself. Mental health issues manifest in many ways, but there a certain features that are often shared across disorders. Everyone can relate to having to work when you have a terrible cold. You have the “Seven Dwarves” syndrome: Sneezy, Dopey, Stuffy, Achey, Coughy, Grumpy, and (I-Should-Have –Seen-My) Doc.

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NEUROPSYCHOLOGY: Three Myths of Neuropsychology

Often, neuropsychological reports will reflect the beliefs of the neuroscience of twenty-five years ago, rather than more current research. As a result, brain injury is often claimed where none exists and patients are kept home from work, when a return to normal activity would be far better for them in the long run.

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CASE CONSULTING: What If Your Client Is Deaf?

Serving a client who is deaf is an uncommon experience for most attorneys. Here are some essential issues that are relevant to providing competent legal assistance to deaf individuals. My focus here is on persons deaf from birth, or for most of their life, rather than persons who lost their hearing in later youth or adulthood.

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ONCOLOGY: Standard of Care – What Standard, Who Cares?

A hundred years ago, one man could master the cumulative medical knowledge of all humanity. Today, one man could spend a lifetime reading the new findings published in a single year. We doctors learn it ‘all’ in medical school. But, of course, that is not enough. We must keep up with the continuing flow of new data.

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INSURANCE: Insurance ‘Bad Faith’ Cases Are Alive and Well in California

INSURANCE: Insurance ‘Bad Faith’ Cases Are Alive and Well in California Insurance companies in California customarily follow what are known in the industry as “good faith” claims practices. By G.O.K., J.D. Insurance companies in California customarily follow what are known in the industry as “good faith” claims practices.  The...
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PSYCHIATRY: Losing Your Rights – Complications of Misdiagnosis

Violation of civil rights, forced treatment and commitment under the guise of psychiatric care are depicted in two cases involving female physicians who became “patients” in non-medical situations in different states. They were each violently victimized and at some point in their cases acted in pro per.

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There are two medical problems that often result in preventable disability or death during incarceration, especially in small, short-term lockups. The first is the inability to recognize and properly manage insulin dependent “brittle” diabetes mellitus. Violent behavior caused by poor blood sugar control sometimes leads to incarceration. This is then followed by inept management of the diabetes in the jail, leading to catastrophic medical consequences.

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HOSPITALS: How to Make Discovery More Effective in Hospital Lawsuits

Attorneys bringing lawsuits against health care organizations and providers face great difficulties discovering what they will need to successfully advocate for their clients. Aside from federal and state protections for “peer review” activities that offer defendants many barriers to hide behind and make it difficult to achieve the desired documents and information, the complexity of health care organizations and how they conduct their business makes it very difficult to demand the right document with the right wording and titles.

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RADIOLOGY: Radiological Demonstrative Evidence

Radiology is a critical component of most medical care. As a consequence of this, legal cases in which individuals are claiming injuries will frequently have imaging studies as a central aspect of the record. Demonstrative evidence can be used as an important instrument in helping to lay the proper foundation for creating a compelling and memorable argument in the presentation of a legal case.

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INSURANCE: The World Trade Center Property Insurance Trial – Lessons Learned?

Had the tragic events on 9/11/01 not occurred, we would have never learned about negligence, mistakes, errors and omissions, inconsistencies, and confusion that plagued the placement and negotiation of the property insurance program for the WTC; this was brought to light during the WTC trial.

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PSYCHOLOGY: The Gifted Child’s Response to the Disintegration of the Family

There is a great diversity in children’s response to divorce and remarriage. Some experience more adverse consequences and some are more resilient and manage to cope and even thrive following the marital breakup.

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